Olitsky & Moskovitz


mark-and-cary_clifftop-2016_1-smallLast July, at the Appalachian String Band Music Festival , we decided to try some tunes on two banjo.  Mark had just finished making his new 5-string “minstrel” style banjo–tuned low with a big, skin head and synthetic “gut” strings. Cary brought one of his 4-string “plectrum” banjos to Mark’s camp and we found the combination of these instruments enchanting. Our banjo styles–each quirky in its own way–fit together in a manner that was both natural and exciting. We played banjo duets together a number of times that week and, before parting, decided that we should continue the collaboration.mc_fl_studio_1-small
In early December, we met at Joe Dejarnette’s Studio 808A in Floyd Virginia and recorded the tracks for our CD, “Duets.”

You can now purchase the CD at Bandcamp:

Order on Bandcamp at https://olitskymoskovitz.bandcamp.com/releases. You’ll get the CD plus a digital download. (You can also order just the digital download there as well, if you’re one of those young whippersnappers who doesn’t do CDs.)


Mark and Cary